Universele Filters type AUF

Ankersmid Universal Filters are known as a reliable technique for the separation of particles from gas, ensuring a flow of clean gas to the analyzer. Filter housings in a variety of materials and standard dimensions are available.

The design of the filter and filter housing also ensures that any liquids present in the gas will be separated from the gas.

Liquids are collected in the bottom of the filter-housing.

Due to its universal standard dimensions and functionality, the filter elements can also be used with any commercially available filter housings.

The filters are easily replaced without the use of any additional tools.

Where needed, a liquid sensor or liquid drain can be installed at the bottom of the filter housing tube.

The AUF modularity offers the following selection:

  • Variety of filter element materials:

     PTFE, Ceramics, SS316, glass-fiber

  •   Elements with lengths of 75 or 150 mm
  •   PTFE or Stainless Steel head
  •   Glass or Stainless Steel filter body
  •   Closed or outlet at the bottom (for condensate alarm)

A glass filter body offers the benefit of determining the extent of soiling of the filter from the outside at a glance.

A special bracket is available to click the filters on the Ankersmid Modular System, ensuring quick (no drilling required) installation and easy rearrangement of the filters and gas lines connecting the individual components.