Our Brands

  • Analytical Industries

    Industrial control, natural gas processing, medical and professional diving industries

  • Ankersmid Sampling

    Ankersmid Sampling is rapidly changing to be the most qualitative technology leader.

  • Dr Födisch

    Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG is a leading manufacturer of CEMS monitoring air pollutants, dust and flow.

  • Eco Physics

    Our mission is to contribute with our know-how and technology to environmental preservation, human health, and industrial innovation.

  • Envea

    Whether you want to detect mercury in gases, liquids or solids:
    we’ll provide a suitable mercury detector!

  • Environics

    Our gas mixing technology is based on very precise control of thermal mass flow controllers (MFCs)

  • Fuji Electric

    NDIR Infrared, Zirconia Oxygen and Conductivity analysers.

  • Hanon

    Specialized in scientific instruments, known as the high quality instruments manufacturer and the perfect service provider.

  • Kemtrak

    Kemtrak is a company producing in-line measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process engineering industry.

  • Liebherr

    Our range comprises systems to determine moisture, water content, coating thickness.

  • Linseis

    Thermal analysis and thermo-electrical analysis of all kinds of materials.

  • Liquid Solids Control

    Our process instruments provide continuous In-Line measurement of concentration / liquid density in relevant engineering units.

  • Marimex

    MARIMEX Industries GmbH is a specialist in measuring process viscosity.

  • Neo Monitors

    We are the world leading provider of high performance dust- and gas analyzers based on TDLAS.

  • Protea

    Protea Ltd delivers customer-focused solutions for emission, process and research gas monitoring.

  • Sensmet

    Sensmet was launched in 2017 spinning off from several years’ research on the micro-discharge analyser technology and related application development

  • Strathkelvin Instruments

    World’s Leading supplier in Precision Dissolved Oxygen Measurement and Respirometry

  • Testa GmbH

    Testa designs its measuring systems for experts in the field of emissions and immissions as well as automotive applications.

  • Tiger Optics

    Tiger Optics has been the preferred provider for high-performance, laser-based gas analyzers to advance industrial standards

  • YSI

    With over 40 years of providing rapid, accurate analytical instruments.