M&C Products + Anchorsmid = Anchorsmid M&C

More than 30  years ago Karl Leyssens  founded M&C Products. This stands for Measurement & Control Products. The company made a variety of process analysis techniques, custom systems and sampling systems. These were distributed in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, China, Romania, South Korea,…

Later Karl also bought Ankersmid so that labo-analyzers could also be provided. In 2008 Karl decided to merge M&C Products and Ankersmid. Anchorsmith M&C  was born.


In the future, we want to remain an established value for every lab in Belgium and create the opportunity to grow.

Ankersmid M&C is a standard point of contact for all its customers for any kind of analysis, application, problem or project. Ankersmid M&C has the ability to address any technology – with all its possibilities and limitations – and thus provide the most appropriate solution for every budget.


Ankersmid  has been around for more than 65 years. In its early years the company was called “Ankersmit”. It was best known for Orion electrodes, printers and recorders that were used to create and calculate analysis equipment graphs. After a few years, a lot of lab analysis techniques were added to the range.


Due to COVID-19, we regularly organize online webinars and MSTeams meetings together with suppliers to get applications and explanations to our customers during this difficult period.