FID 2010 T

Total Hydrocarbon Analyser

The Flame-Ionisation-Detector 2010 T measures Total HydroCarbon (THC) in a wide range of applications like catalytic- and thermal oxidiser plants, waste gas processing plants, room and environmental air, solvent recovery plants and vehicle exhaust gases.By it`s little weight and it`s compact dimensions, he is especially made for daily changing measuring points or shorttime measurings campains.

Gas Component



  • Modul assembly according to your desires
  • Analytical section heated to 200°C
  • Option: Samplepath heated to 300°C
  • Warming-up-time quicker than 20 minutes
  • Filtermonitoring
  • Automatic Flame ignition
  • Safety: Hydrogen cut off

Optionele modules

  • RS 232 module
  • Temperature controlling module
  • Software in english language for analyser operation and datalogging in MS-Excel format