Flue Gas Humidity Monitors Delta-O2

Continuous measurement of humidity in highly dusts loaded flue gas through dry and wet zirconia oxygen measurements.

In-situ or extractive O2 + H2O monitors depending on the application. Perfect for combustion control of biomass boilers : industrial boilers, district heating.

O2 DRY  –  O2 WET –  H2O
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  • Combustion plant atmospheric emissions monitoring
  • Wet biomass combustion control


  • O2 and H2O flue gas monitoring
  •  Perfect for dusty applications
  •  Measurements:
  1. Wet O2 concentration
  2. Dry O2 concentration
  3. H2O concentration (option)
  • Delta-O2 IS :  in-situ version for indoor applications:
  1. Stand alone all-in-one instrument
  2. Compact and light design
  3. Short response time
  • Delta-O2 SA :  extractive version for outdoor and adaptable to a very wide range of applications.