ZPA is best suited to the measurement of exhaust gas from refuse incinerators, boilers, and various industrial furnaces.

NO, SO2, CO2, CO, CH4
Non-dispersion infrared-ray absorption methodSingle  light  source  and  single  beams  (single  beam system)

O2 :
Galvanic fuel cell O2 analyzer (built-in) paramagnetic O2 analyzer (built-in), or zirconia O2 analyzer (externally installed TYPE: ZFK7)

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  • Compact and light
    Weight H133 × W483 × D382 mm, approximate 11 kg.
  • Easy maintenance
    Maintenance is easy due to the simple measurement unit of single-beam system adapted
  • User-friendly operation
    Clear and easy-to-read display of all five gas concentra-tions at once.
    Simple status and maintenance messages.
  • Extensive functions
    Various  optional  functions  are  available  such  as  auto calibration control, atmospheric pressure correction, high and low concentration alarms, remote range switch, and range identification signal,etc.



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