Air Purifier CAP 15

The air purifier CAP 15 and CAP 30 produces clean and hydrocarbon-free air out of normal compressed air. The Pt/Pd-catalyst convert by catalytical total-oxidation at 370°C all hydrocarbons inclusive methane (CH4) into carbondioxyde (CO2) and water (H2O). Hydrogen (H2) and carbonmonoxyde (CO) will be removed quantitatively.The produced air quality ist constantly free of hydrocarbons and better than sythetic air from gas bottles of class 5.0 (refering to organic components).On account of the high gas purity, the air purifier CAP 15/30 are used for FID-measuring systems as combustion air and as zero gas.



With normal compressed air (2-8 bar, oilfree) the HC content become less than 50 ppb. The air purifier can make clean air for up to 2-4 FID-Systems in dependance of the model. The typical amortisation period of the air purifier is less then one year. The air purifier can used as high purified Air generator down to measuring ranges from 0-10ppm or as combined combustion air and zero gas generator instead of gas bottles.

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