Compressorkoeler type ACC

The ACC cooler offers precision, safety and long-term stability for extractive analytics. The very low gas dissolution rate is attained owing to the new cooler technology (Patents applied). Both the permanent separation of the condensate from the gas phase, as well as the shorter contact time of the gas in the system, plays important roles in reducing gas dissolution rates.

The new cooler incorporates an advanced structural design with housing suitable for both wall-mounting and 19“-racks. The coolers can be integrated into the analysis cabinet without empty space requirements at the side for a cooling air outlet.

The new design enables up to 4 heat exchangers and peristaltic pumps to be incorporated either at the factory or at a later time, without any problem. The exchangers and pumps can be connected in series or parallel following customer requirements.

An electronic system not only monitors the dew point, but also the ambient temperature. The integrated fan is cooling air temperature dependent controlled.

A temperature alarm output is wired to the terminal block incorporated of the cooler housing for a safe connection without disassembling the cooler.

Available for 230VAC and 115VAC power supply.



Ankersmid Compressor Coolers are used to lower the dew point of humid gas to avoid condensate entering into the gas analyser. This unique micro-processor controlled compressor cooler has been designed with a powerful dew point stabiliser. The dew point is set at 4°C but can be changed at any value between 1 and 15°C.

A good and stable gas dew point avoids cross-interference if the analyser is sensitive to H2O.

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