Litronic-FMS III / CCS

Coating thickness measurement

Liebherr develops reliable measurement systems for determining the coating thickness or weight per unit area. Plant operators therefore benefit from precise measurement during the running process. The entire production process can be monitored and controlled in-line. Continuous measurement guarantees that the finished products will be high quality.

Industrie sector

Using the Liebherr measurement system to determine the coating thickness provides numerous benefits for various sectors. The application areas include:

  • Paper, film and cardboard
  • Textile industry
  • Food industry
  • Automotive industry and its subcontractors
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry


The Litronic-FMS III / CCS enables the coating thickness and weight per unit area of the following materials to be determined reliably:

  • Paper webs
  • Cardboard webs
  • Film webs
  • Fleece webs
  • Textile webs


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