FDS 17

  • optical sensor for continuous, simultaneous measurement and control of fine dust contents PM10/TSP and PM2,5
  • patented zero point control by electrostatic precipitator
  • smart, robust, network-capable
  • simple unit design
  • installation without any special tools


  • simultaneous real-time measurement of PM10/TSP and PM2.5
  • patented electrostatic precipitator for zero point setting
  • mobile use through design as portable case
  • offline power supply by power bank
  • data logger for storage of measuring values
  • robust design
  • active suction
  • long-term stability
  • easy installation without special tool
  • low operational costs

Preconditions on site

  • ambient temperature: -20…+50 °C
  • relative humidity: 0…95%
  • place with representative dust loading
  • protection against draught
  • no direct solar radiation
  • location free of percussion


By means of the FDS 17 m it is possible to determine
the current particulate matter concentration of the environment by simultaneous measurement of PM10 and
PM2.5 and to make out health hazards.


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