FID 1230 IH

High-Temperature Analyzer for Exhaust gas measurement

The flame-ionization-detector 1230I-H can measure the sum of total hydrocarbon concentrationin applications like cold starts of engines (down to–40°Cambient temperature), inwoodburning systems and also at engine test units (especially oil-and gasburners, airplaneengines etc.) Our high temperature heated lines with a operation temperature of 400°C are made additionally for measurements of highboiling hydrocarbons. For the sample-gas pickup we have built some prefilters who are able to hold back the tar compounds.

Additional information

Gas Component

CxHy (TOC)

Special Advantages

  • No moving parts in the sampleway (air-injector)Ÿ
  • Analysisat a temperaturelevel of 400 °C
  • No hydrocarbons in sample path because of high temperature and extreme samplespeed
  • Quick responsetime and high resolution
  • ŸVery low maintenance
  • ŸAccessoires made for 400°C measurement

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