The Kemtrak FL007 is a fiber optic probe based oil in water monitor. A state-of-the-art combined fluorescence and turbidity measurement assures reliable continuous monitoring of oil and hydrocarbon contamination in water.

Mineral oils rich in aromatic content will fluoresce when illuminated with ultraviolet light. The intensity of this fluorescence is dependent upon the polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) content of the oil. Typical oils that fluoresce include fuel oil, crude oil, hydraulic oil and transformer oil.


Each oil has its own unique fluorescence intensity resulting from its specific PAH content. The combined fluorescence from both dissolved and dispersed oil in water can be measured and correlated to the oil content. Entrained gas and solids present in the stream will not fluoresce and therefore do not affect the measurement. However, non-mineral oils or hydrocarbons low in aromatic content may not fluoresce. Hydrocarbons and oils with a low water solubility will result in a turbid solution that can easily be detected using the dual turbidity measurement instantly informing the operator of leaks or contamination resulting in a high measurement confidence.

The immersion probe has the same dimensions as industry standard Ø12 mm PG 13.5 pH sensors allowing a range of standard fittings and retractable probe holders to be used.

Standard features include 16 linearization tables for multiple product switching, remote zeroing, automatic cleaning cycle and signal filtering. The robust industrial fiber optic probe with scratch resistant sapphire optics, no electronics and no moving parts are well suited for both ordinary and hazardous area installation. A built-in graphical internet based interface allows remote operation, calibration, validation and data trending using a standard web browser.

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