iFID Wall

Outdoor Flame-Ionisation-Detector iFiD Mobile for continuous monitoring

The stationary Flame-Ionisation-Detector (FID) iFiD Wall is made for rough conditions and field installations. This unit measures the Total Hydrocarbon concentration especially in heavy industrial environment or freeair installations with small weatherprotection. The stainless steelhousing with a protection class IP65 gives the analyser a strong shelter all year long.

  • User-friendly Touchpanel 7” TFT
  • Graphic Display of HC-concentration
  • Single Range – no switch between ranges
  • Heated integrated Samplegasfilter 300°C
  • Internal Datalogging by USB Stick
  • Built in Zero gas generator (option)
  • Internal Response factor correction


  • Emission monitoring
  • Process VOC control
  • Waste plants and burningprocess control
  • Dryer and Activated carbon control


  • User-friendly Touchpanel 7” TFT
  • High temperature Sample path: 300°C
  • Warm up time: 15 min
  • Built in heated Sample filter 300°C
  • Internal Datalogging by USB Stick
  • Built in Zerogasgenerator (option)
  • Safety: Automatic Hydrogen cut of
  • Internal responsefactor correction
  • Pyrolysis cleaning function for a selfcleaning procedure of the gaspath and cell