Spark Max CO2

Simple, Drift-Free CO2 Contaminant Detection Ideal for Air Separation Plants

With the Spark Max CO2, the latest generation of Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) instrumentation is now available at a popular price for a host of applications, from process control and quality assurance in Air Separation Units to refineries and hydrogen plants. Other applications include monitoring of cylinder filling, bulk delivery and distribution transfer points, fuel-cell hydrogen analysis, as well as welding, medical, industrial and high-purity gas production, and more. Sensitivity below 100 parts per billion and high-ppm ranges make the Spark Max an ideal trace gas detection solution for these industrial gas applications.

Say goodbye to cumbersome, complex, costly and labor-intensive mid-20th century technology. Gone is the need for calibration, spare parts, limited measurement ranges, and worries about drift and downtime usually associated with NDIRs and GCs. In addition, the Spark Max has the lowest Cost of Ownership in the industry with fully automatic operation and virtually no maintenance.


  • Air Separation Units & Nitrogen Plants
  • Gas Quality Control
  • Gaseous CRMs & Calibration Gas Mixtures
  • High-Purity Gases & Systems
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Research & Development


Detection and Matrix Range LDL (3σ) Precision (1σ) @ zero
CO2 in N2 0 – 1500 ppm 250 ppb 80 ppb
CO2 in O2 0 – 1200 ppm 220 ppb 75 ppb
CO2 in Clean Dry Air (CDA) 0 – 1500 ppm 250 ppb 80 ppb
CO2 in Ar 0 – 1200 ppm 220 ppb 75 ppb
CO2 in He 0 – 1200 ppm 220 ppb 75 ppb
CO2 in H2 0 – 2000 ppm 400 ppb 140 ppb