LaserGas III Portable

LaserGas™ III HF Portable analyzer is compact, lightweight and battery powered instrument which is ideal for HF leakage detection.

With on-board pump and connections for Teflon tubing the target gas is continuously transferred into the internal measurement cell.

The instrument´s low power design gives long operating time on each battery cycle. The analyzer provides reliable operation with instantaneous response and sufficient dynamic range to measure from sub ppm to several hundred ppm HF concentrations.


  • Most advanced LaserGas™ technology available (3rd generation)
  • Portable
  • Low weight
  • Low power usage <10 Watt
  • Sub ppm HF detection
  • No interference from other gases
  • Stable calibration, no zero drift


The LaserGas™ III Portable HF Analyzer is the solution for reliable detection of short-term HF concentrations, wherever diffuse emissions occur representing a risk to the work force.

Focused applications are:
• Aluminium smelters: Worker protection during active work
• Aluminium smelters: Mapping plant emissions
• Refinery alkylation plants: Worker safety



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