nCLD 822 Mr


Modular Gas Analyzer

The nCLD 822 Mr analyzer is the next generation in high precision two-channel nitrogen oxide measurement. Unique in speed and reliability, the nCLD 822 Mr is modular designed and capable of simultaneously measuring NO, NO2 and NOX from sources with pressure variations. The new and intuitive graphical user interface also individually displays and connects to other instruments’ data.

Versatile and Adaptable
The nCLD 822 Mr includes everything that is needed for measuring NO, NO2 and NOX in samples with pressure variations. The integrated electro-mechanical bypass system balances out pressure variations occurring in the sample flow, enabling highly precise analysis. Furthermore, the analyzer is adaptable to numerous non-standardized applications. The optionally available hot tubing enables the instrument to measure hot and moist sources. Dual sample gas inlet is an option that allows the user to measure two different sources in parallel, enabling comparison of the samples. Calibration and adjustment of the unit runs quick and automatically, while all necessary data is continuously stored.

User Friendliness
The new and intuitive touch sensitive graphical user interface enables the user to individually adjust the instrument operation and data management according to his/her needs and applications. The bright 7” monitor gives a clear overview and allows numerical and graphical display of values. Multiple digital in- and outputs guarantee a maximal connectivity and flexibility for the remote operation, control and maintenance of the nCLD 822 Mr.

Compact, Modular and Intelligent!
The nCLD 822 Mr is manufactured in a new compact and modular layout, in which each essential component of the chemiluminescence analyzer hosts its own CPU and interacts with other CPUs by BUS-communication. This assembly increases accessibility and serviceability by reducing wiring and piping. The measurement principle conforms to the standard method for NOX-detection in stationary source emissions (EN 15267).


Analyzer type dual chamber CLD with cooled PMT for measurement of NO, NO2 and NOX
Measuring ranges four freely selectable ranges from 5 ppm – 5000 ppm
Min. detectable concentration* 0.12 ppm
Noise at zero point (1σ)* 0.06 ppm
Lag time <3 sec
Rise time (0-90%) <1 sec
Temperature range 5-40 °C
Humidity tolerance 5-95% rel. h (non-condensing, ambient air and sample gas)
Dry air use for O3 generator internally generated (no external supply gas required)
Sample flow rate 1.0 l/min
Input pressure 600 – 1’200 mbar abs.
Power required 350 VA (incl. membrane pump and scrubber)
Supply voltage 100-240 V/50-60 Hz
Interface USB(3x), HDMI, Bluetooth, RS232 (w/o 9pin connector), LAN, WLAN
Dimensions height: 133 mm (5¼”)

width: 450 mm (19”)

with molding: 495mm

depth: 540 mm (21.2”)

Weight 23 kg (51 lb)
Delivery includes nCLD 822 Mr analyzer, power cable, USB-LAN adapter
Standard nCLD 822 Mr: NO, NO2, NOX analyzer

· M – metal converter

· – electro-mechanical pressure regulation

Options · V1 – single calibration valve

· V2 – two calibration valves for pressurized calibration (zero & span / 2-3 bar)

·  hot tubing

· USB-RS232 9pin connector

· analog output (external box): 0-10 V ; 4-20 mA into 500 Ω max.

*Depending on filter setting.
Connectivity properties are country-specific.
ECO PHYSICS reserves the right to change these specifications without notice.


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