Peltier Cooler APC

This unique microprocessor controlled Peltier Cooler has been designed with a powerful dew point stabiliser. The dew point is set at 4°C but can be changed at any value between 1 and 15°C. The condensate that is formed should be removed by a peristaltic pump, automatic drain or collection vessel.

The heat exchanger is demountable and PFA®-coated.

The digital controlled cooler has many control and warning features like programmable alarms, mA-output, digital inputs and Modbus or RS485 communication.
The alarm status changes when the temperature deviates by • ± 3 °C from the set point.

Available for 230VAC and 115VAC power supply.


Ankersmid Peltier Coolers are used to lower the dew point of humid gas to avoid condensate entering into the gas analyser.

A good and stable gas dew point avoids cross-interference if the analyser is sensitive to H2O.