nCLD 899 Y

SupremeLine Trace Gas Analyzer

The nCLD 899 Y analyzer is the next generation in ultra high precision nitrogen oxide measurement. Unique in speed and reliability, the nCLD 899 Y is modular designed and capable of detecting lowest quantities of NO, NO2 and NOX in the range of parts per trillion. The new and intuitive graphical user interface also individually displays and connects to other instruments’ data.


Convenient and Highly Precise
The nCLD 899 Y fulfills the requirements of many research groups specializing in detection and monitoring smallest variations of N-containing compounds, such as NO, NO2 and NOX. The lag time depends on the settings of the pre chambers, that reduce zero drift and cross sensitivity. It can be reduced to an absolute minimum. The fully revised detector-block, the enhanced gas flow paths and the improved pressure as well as temperature independence of the nCLD Series lift overall stability and reliability to a new level. Calibration and adjustment of the unit runs quick and automatic with all necessary data, including calibration history and status reports, stored continuously.

User Friendliness
The new touch sensitive graphical user interface enables the user to individually adjust the instrument operation and data management according to his/ her needs and applications. The bright 7” monitor gives a clear overview and allows numerical and graphical display of values. Multiple digital in- and outputs guarantee a maximal connectivity and flexibility for the remote operation, control and maintenance of the nCLD 899 Y, ensuring unsurpassed precision and reliability.

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