Portable Paramagnetic O2 Analyzer

The APA analysers are suitable and reliable instruments for monitoring oxygen concentrations in various gas analytical control applications including flue gas-, inert gas-, fermentation processes- and process or laboratory control measurements.

All analysers are temperature controlled instruments which have been designed for continuous measurements of oxygen concentrations in particle-free and dry sample gas.
The analysers are reliable and easy-to-operate instruments.
The measuring value and the sample flow through the measuring cell are displayed on the digital display.
2 alarm relays and 1 malfunction relay are available. Sample gas connections as well as connectors for incomi ng power supply, output signals are located at the rear panel of the analyser.

The sample gas enters the analyser passing a protective fine-filter which is installed in the front-panel (not for APA 200).

An atmospheric pressure sensor is implemented so that the actual absolute barometric pressure can be sent via RS232 and used for calculation or analysis purposes.

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