PFM 14

  • filter monitor for in-situ dust measurement
  • with separate operating unit
  • display showing the measured value in mg/m³ or line diagram


The PFM 14 serves the permanent control of dust emissions.
It can be applied as a filter monitoring device as
well as configured as a dust measuring device.
The device consists of a probe with separated operating
unit. They are connected via a cable by plug-in connections.
Thereby, the operating unit can be mounted from
the measuring point up to a distance of 50 m.

Preconditions on site

• ambient temperature: -20…+50 °C
• location free of percussion
• homogenous dust and stack gas distribution
• flow velocity of min. 3 m/s
• installation place with run-in/run-out zone of min.
5-fold/2-fold length of duct diameter
• power supply
• processing of measuring signals


• probe with separated display and operating unit
• local diagnosis of system state by combined
operating unit with graphic display
• real-time display with diagram or in text mode
with display in % or mg/m³
• no purge air blower required
• low operational costs
• easy mounting



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