PFM 92 C

  • filter monitor for in-situ dust measurement
  • compact device consisting exclusively of the probe
  • suitable for the construction of filter monitoring systems


The PFM 92 C serves the permanent control of dust
emissions. Applied as a filter monitoring device it is an
effective implement to detect and localise damages to
filtering precipitators at an early stage. Configured as
a dust measuring device it can be used for continuous
monitoring of clean gas contents and dust contents of
filtering precipitators.


• compact device with integrated operating elements
• variable application possibilities through probe
rod modification
• different order configurations for power supply
• no purge air blower required
• low operational costs
• easy mounting

Precondities on site

• ambient temperature: -20…+50 °C
• relative humidity: max. 90% (non-condensing)
• location free of percussion
• homogenous dust and stack gas distribution
• flow velocity of min. 3 m/s
• installation place with run-in/run-out zone of min.
5-fold/2-fold length of duct diameter
• power supply
• processing of measuring signals