Protea 5000

Protea 5000 is an ultra-violet (UV), continuous emission monitoring analyser, designed for in-situ analysis of gas-phase emission components. Using absorption spectroscopy, Protea 5000 stores and analyses the full UV spectrum and calculates the gas emission concentrations.


The in-situ CEM systems are multi-component and can monitor multiple gases species simultaneously. The analyser also monitors water vapour and so the pollutant gases can be reported on a wet or dry bases depending on the local environmental agencies requirements.

The Protea In-Situ Analyser incorporates an automatic zero and calibration gas unit and is controlled by the microprocessor in the analyser.

This allows the periodic zero and calibration to be carried out, fully challenging the system.


In-Situ CEMs Control Unit

In addition to collecting data from Protea’s P2000 and P5000 analysers, it is configured to receive data from complementary devices, e.g. Dust / Opacity, Oxygen and Flow. This enables the system to display gas concentrations on a normalised basis and, if required, in mass units e.g. Kg/hour. The analyser communicates via a serial data link to the control unit, which can be located up to 1200m from the CEMS. Intuitive software is designed to utilise either a pointing device or touch screen for all operator functions. The Protea S-PC is capable of supporting up to six Protea Analysers with associated third party devices.

Instrument ranges

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