Omgevingslucht Filters type AAF

Ankersmid Ambient Air Filters AAF 051 / AAF 052 / AAF 053 are used for the filtration of ambient air in gas monitoring systems.

The main applications are in ambient air monitoring and in air conditioning systems.

The variety of construction design of the ambient air filters AAF 051 / AAF 052 / AAF 053 allows for a perfect adaptation to local situations.

Filter body and filter elements are available in various materials and filter porosities;

  • AAF 051 with 2µm PTFE filter element
  • AAF 052 / AAF 053 with 2µm Glass fiber filter element.

Other filter elements are available on request.

The open construction shows the contamination of the filter element at a glance, and allows for an easy filter element replacement without tools.

The filter is mounted to the wall by means of two screws in the filter flange.The version AAF 053 is equipped with a splash-proof socket.