Spark H2O

Put a little Spark in your life!

For the first time, powerful advanced spectroscopy is available at a popular price for a host of applications, from quality assurance to cylinder filling, as well as welding, medical, industrial and high-purity gas production; bulk delivery and distribution transfer points; and more. Say goodbye to cumbersome, complex, costly and labor-intensive mid-20th century technology. Gone is the need for calibration, spare parts, cramped ranges, and worries about drift and downtime. The speed alone will make you gasp. Plus, it’s a joy to start-up and to operate.


The compact, affordable Spark H2O offers:

  • Powerful, proven Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) technology
  • Self-tuning and auto-calibration
  • Extremely low Cost of Ownership
  • Ethernet, 4–20mA and RS-232 connectivity
  • Fast response, with low gas consumption
  • H2O analysis over a vast range: 12 ppb to 2000 ppm!

Get more out of your Spark with our optional add-on packages:

  • Speed+
  • Dew Point Measurement
  • Linear Fit Point
  • Annual Performance Verification

Please scroll down and see the Spark Brochure for more details.

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