STA HP 3 (high pressure TG-DSC)

Linseis introduced the all new STA HP 3 (TGA+DSC) table top high pressure thermogravimetric, simultaneous thermal analysis instrument. The STA HP 3 is the result of 25 years of experience thermal analysis under high pressure. The superior high speed micro-furnace with a maximum temperature of 1200°C, top loading microbalance, true TG-DSC Thermogravimetry-differential scanning calorimetry design permit exiting new opportunities. The table top design, optional vapor generator and different gas dosing systems provides utmost flexibility.

Worlds only top loading combined TG-DSC (Thermogravimeter and Differential Scanning Calorimeter). For experiments up to 1200°C and up to 150 bar in reactive or inert atmospheres.

Easy user exchangeable TGA or TG-DSC plug and play sensors. The right choice for any given experiment gives you the flexibility to analyze TGA only experiments with volumes up to 1 ml or combined TGA-DSC analysis with up to 0.12 or 0.3 ml volume.

TG-DSC Thermogravimetry-differential scanning calorimetry arrangement permits the combined analysis of weight change and caloric events like endothermal or exothermal reactions or phase transitions in one run and under the same temperature, gas and pressure conditions.

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