DSC PT 1600

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) is the most common thermal analysis method due to its wide range of information provided. The LINSEIS high temperature DSC PT 1600 (HDSC/DTA) is designed to deliver highest calorimetric sensitivity, short time constants and a condensation free sample chamber.

These features guarantee superior resolution and baseline stability over the entire instrument lifetime. This provides an indispensable tool for material development, R&D and quality control.

The modular concept of the HDSC and DTA systems allows the use of different furnaces with a temperature range from -150°C up to 1750°C.

The vacuum tight design enables quantitative enthalpy and Cp (Specific Heat) determination under the cleanest atmospheres and under vacuum of 10E-5mbar. The systems can be upgraded with an optional sample robot and coupled to a MS or FTIR.

Measuring System:

User friendly exchangeable measureing systems such as a DTA Sensor and two different DSC Sensors are available. Each DSC Sensor is available as type E, K, S, B for the DSC PT 1600.

This allows the perfect chioce for any application, temperature or atmosphere.

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