UT-3000 NG mobile

The UT-3000 Ng mobile is specifically designed to measure ultratrace amounts of mercury in natural gas at differing sites. The system, for example, thus allows to monitor the efficiency of different Mercury Removal Units (MRUs) in natural gas processing plants.


  • Natural gas platforms
  • Natural gas exploitation
  • Natural gas processing plants

System component

The Natural Gas Sampling System reduces the primary high pressure of the sample source (up to 200 bar) to a pressure below 1 bar so that the gas can be fed to the continuously operating analyzer: UT-3000 Mercury Ultratracer. Pressure reduction is performed with a high precision pressure regulator.

To guarantee a suitable pre-conditioning the sampling system has two bypass flows; one at the high pressure side and one at the low pressure side.

In order to avoid ingress of water droplets or aerosols into the analyzer a membrane filter is installed in the sample stream.


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