PH conductivity DO ISE

Get high accuracy, premium performance and ultimate flexibility with the Thermo Scientific Orion Benchtop Meter. Meet your most challenging applications for pH, ion concentration, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature. Easily view measurements on the color display and customize the four meter channels with interchangeable modules. Log up to 2000 data point sets and easily transfer via USB to a computer.

Select systems with one or two pH / ISE modules.


Our pH, ISE, conductivity and dissolved oxygen electrodes:

Choosing the right electrode for a particular application may be as simple as choosing an epoxy bodied electrode for field work or a semi-micro electrode for small samples. However certain samples require specific electrode types to avoid errors due to drift or clogged junctions. The most common difficult samples, observed problems and recommended electrodes are know by the Ankersmid specialists and chose upon your applications

Making comelectrode maintenanceplex measurements routine and reliable Perform accurate and reproducible measurements in any application.

Our wide selection of electrochemical sensors and electrodes are designed to make your complex measurements routine, reliable, and accurate. Available in a variety of body materials, body styles and sample requirements, our electrodes and sensors offer a complete solution, whether you are measuring pH, oxidation-reduction potential, ions, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, or temperature.



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