Discrete analysis

The Smartchem 600 combines the latest technology in discrete analysis with an innovative and unique design that guarantees accurate and reproducible results.

The Smartchem range is the first discrete analyzers to utilize washable cuvettes with an integrated wash and control station, which guarantee a lower running cost and reduced risk of contamination. In addition to automated analysis the Smartchem 600 offers automated system Quality Control.

The Smartchem range is also the first discrete analyzers to utilize a patented, dedicated sample prep module for the determination of NOx by Cadmium reduction. Designed for multi-tasking and high throughput rates, the NOx module also provides automated cadmium regeneration. The instrument provides also a pH, Conductivity and Redox module.

Fully automated, the Smartchem 600 is available with new user-friendly software designed for touch screen computer with the possibility of wireless control.

Ease of use combined with minimal operating condition requirements make the Smartchem 600 the right choice for every cost-efficiency laboratory.



Main advantages:

  • 600 tests per hour
  • 200 samples capacity with continuous loading
  • Automatic startup and calibration routine
  • Unlimited number of unattended tests
  • Barcode reading for samples and reagents
  • No more disposable cuvettes
  • Long-life cuvettes with integrated wash & control station
  • Cadmium module for Nitrate analysis
  • ISE module for pH, conductivity and redox analysis
  • Capped tubes
  • New software with touch screen
  • Bi-directional LIMS ready
  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Green technology

The Smartchem 600 provides:

  • More Productivity
  • Lower Running costs
  • Better results

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