DCP007 UV Photometer

The Kemtrak DCP007 UV process analyzer uses ultra-low power cold light at the exact wavelength required for the analysis, exposing the sample to thousands of times less energy than a traditional UV photometer. This is achieved from a state of the art digital photometer design using a modulated high performance UV LED light source with precision fiber optics.

Industrial fiber optic measurement cells for chemical concentration, platinum cobalt, hazen, saybolt, ASTM, chlorine dioxide and ICUMSA color.



Traditional UV photometers use mercury vapor lamps that continuously expose the process stream to high intensity broad spectrum UV radiation and heat generated by the lamp. This results in destruction of the valuable product and produces unknown and potentially hazardous breakdown products.

A proprietary dual wavelength four channel measurement technique and advanced digital electronics design allows deep absorbance measurement to 5 AU. A range of shorter optical path-lengths allow for even deeper absorbance measurements.

Convenient zero dead-volume hygienic measurement cells contain no electronics or moving parts and are well suited for hazardous environments. NIST-traceable validation filters are available to verify analyzer performance without process interruption.

It is simple to change the light souce on a Kemtrak DCP007 photometer and the unit can easily be reconfigured to analyze at different wavelengths.

Standard features include multiple product switching, remote zeroing and signal damping. A graphical internet based interface allows remote operation, calibration, validation and data trending using a standard web browser eliminating the need to install software.

All Kemtrak products are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to the most demanding specifications to ensure long life and the highest reliability.


  • Real time in-line measurement
  • Ultra-low power UV analyzer
  • High performance UV LED light source
  • Drift and noise-free measurement
  • Zero maintenance measurement cells & fiber optics
  • Down to 5 AU (1 cm OPL), deeper absorbance measurements with shorter pathlengths
  • Long life UV LED light source that is easy to change
  • Analogue output (0/4-20 mA)
  • Modbus (slave) over TCP/IP & Profibus (optional)
  • Local & web based graphical user interface (TCP/IP)
  • ATEX Exd IIB + H2 T6 IP66 Category II 2 G (optional)

How it works

The Kemtrak DCP007 color & concentration analyzer consists of three components:

  1. Control Unit. The control unit contains all electronics including light source and detectors.
  2. Measurement Cell. Robust in-line (flow through) industrial process connection.
  3. Fibre Optics. Industrial grade fibre optic assembly connects the control unit to the flow-cell.

The configuration shown here is a 316L stainless steel DIN DN50 flange measurement cell with stainless steel fully interlocked fibre optic assembly. Both measurement cell and fibres can withstand 250°C (482°F)

Measurement principle

The Kemtrak DCP007 UV photometer measures at two wavelengths. A primary “absorbing” wavelength is used to measure the substance being monitored while a “non absorbing” reference wavelength is used to compensate for turbidity, air bubbles and/or fouling.

Fiber optics are used to shine a precisely focused light beam through the process medium and back to a silicon photo-detector. A second photo-detector is used directly on the lamps to compensate for temperature effects and aging. The resulting measurements are very accurate with low drift and long-term calibration stability.

The attenuation of the transmitted light beam caused by light absorbing substances in the process medium is mathematically described by the Beer-Lambert law.

Applying the Beer-Lambert law (below), the concentration of the sample can be calculated.

A = ε l c


A = absorbance (= – log transmittance)
ε = molar absorptivity coefficient
l = optical path length
c = concentration of absorbing species

The Kemtrak DCP007 photometer is ideally suited for industrial environments where simplicity, stability and low maintenance is vital.


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