FID 3001W

Wall mount Flame-Ionisation-Detector 3001W

The Flame-Ionisation-Detector 3001W measures Total Hydrocarbons in a wide range of applications like catalytic – and thermal oxidiser plants, waste gas processing plants, room and environmental air, solvent recovery plants and vehicle exhaust gases. Because of its swingable housing, there is an easy installation and optimal accessibility guaranteed. This wallmounted analyser is a compact, robust weatherproofed version. The environmental protectionmode is IP65.

Additional information

Gas Component

CxHy (TOC)

Special Advantages

  • Modul assembly according to your desires
  • Analytical section heated on 300°C
  • Warming-up-time from 20°C to 300°C in only30 minutes
  • Filter monitoring
  • automatic Flame ignition
  • Hydrogen cut off

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