Humidifier AHU

The Ankersmid Humidifier controls the humidity of the gas sample stream. The Humidifier is used to wet calibration gases to ensure these gases undergo an identical cycle through the conditioning set-up.

In this set-up, the calibration gases enter the cooler saturated at a stable dew point. Calibration gases with water-soluble components must not be passed through the humidifier.


The Ankersmid Humidifier consists of a standard filter component. The glass body version has a volume of 70ml.

The gas passes a bubbler that boosts the humidifying result. The humidifier’s glass body enables the control of the liquid level without dismantling the body. No tools are required for refilling the humidifier. An o-ring guarantees tightness between the head and the glass body.

For special applications, the humidifier can be provided with a    GL25-12 connection at the bottom of the glass body.

 Over-pressure at the outlet or under-pressure at the inlet of the humidifier must be avoided, to avoid liquid flow into the gas inlet.

 A special bracket is available to click these filters on the Ankersmid Modular System, eliminating the need for drilling and screwing.

 The humidifier can be rotated about 180° in the holder for wall mounting or Ankersmid Modular System.

This allows for a flexible adaptation of in- and outlet to local conditions.


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