Hydrogen Analysers

Reliable process control for furnaces, metal industry, semiconductor and gas separation.

The analyser continuously measures the concentration of gases such as H2, He, and Ar with high stability.

It is also available in a version for hazardous areas (for countries outside the European Union): ZAFE certified Ex NEPSI.


Because the thermal conductivity is different among gas components, when there is a change in the concentration of the component under measurement, the thermal conductivity of the sample gas will change to affect the temperature of the platinum wire.

The analyser uses the temperature change to determine the gas concentration.


  • Easy-to-see LCD
  • RS-232C Modbus® (option)
  • Auto calibration (option)
  • Interference compensation (option)
  • Concentration alarm output (option)
  • Two switchable ranges (option)
  • Line voltage lies within 100 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Flame proof  version available for countries outside of European Union : ZAFE.


  • H2 monitoring in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, hydrogen generation equipment, calcining furnaces
  • Ar, He, CH4 measurement in gas generation plants
  • He measurement in superconducting devices
  • Ar measurement in air-separation plants

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