Liquid Stop ALS

The ALS liquid-stop protects analyzers against an inrush of liquids from the gas conditioning unit into the analyzer.

This avoids major damages of the analyser.

The best position of the liquid is behind the gas conditioning unit, and before the flow meter going to the analyser.


The hydrophobic protective membrane of the liquid-stop ALS is placed between the two parts of the housing which are screwed together. It is lined with a porous glass filter frit in order to secure stable proportions.

The pore sizes of the protective membrane are designed in such a way that gas molecules and steam can pass through but liquid molecules are retained.

Owing to the horizontal flow direction of the gas and because possible liquids are draining off on the protective membrane due to gravity, the breakthrough of liquids to the analyzer is avoided.

Changing the membrane is easy. The fixed positioning of the sealing O-rings guarantees always a secure sealing of both housing parts.

A special bracket is available to place these filters on the Ankersmid Modular System.

The filter can be rotated about 180° in the holder for wall mounting or Ankersmid Modular System.

This allows a flexible adaptation of in- and outlet to local conditions.

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