Marine Emissions Analysers

The Protea 2000 emissions monitoring system is approved forthe analysis of exhaust gases from the engines and boilers of ships and offshore rigs. Robust and with proven reliability, up to six gases can be measured including SO2,CO2

The Protea 2000 emissions monitoring system comprises up to 8 exhaust mounted analysers, each with automatic verification facilities. Emissions data from the entire system is securely managed and displayed at a dedicated Classification Society approved panel PC, with outputs to networks, control systems, and reporting facilities.


The advanced Protea 2000 analyser utilises an in-situ (inside the exhaust) sample cell so avoiding the need to extract gas. Importantly this avoids the use of costly, high maintenance sample handling systems, and enables analysis of an unmodified, truly representative gas sample.

Exhaust gases from the combustion of residual and distillate fuels can be analysed, so that compliance can be confirmed in port, in Emissions Control Areas and in international waters. The Protea 2000 includes highly effective sintered filters that prevent the ingress of particulate matter into the sample gas cell and a heater to prevent condensation and deposits where the exhaust is below its dew point. Construction materials are ideally suited to the marine environment.

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