Paneel Filters APF

The APF front panel mounting reliably extra-fine filters solids, in particular very fine particles, from the gas stream for gas conditioning applications. The APF uses a very fine, deep-acting filter element that removes particles larger then 100 nanometer from the gas stream. The large filter surface of the cylindrical filter element guarantees reliable extra-fine filtration and a long service life with low pressure drop.

The APF extra-fine filter was primarily developed for 19″ front-plate mounting equipment, as is evident from the APF’s small size that is suited to flat-design equipment

Special features of the APF front panel mounting filter are flat design, low stagnant space, simple construction and assembly as well as universal usability.

The condition of the filter can be seen immediately from outside through the filter glass without opening the filter fitting. No tools are needed for changing the filter element; here, the optimum positioning of the sealing O-ring always guarantees reliable sealing between filter glass and filter body.

The gas connections are located at the back in the filter body. The inlet of the measuring gas can be turned by 180° at the front ring attachment so that a flexible adjustment to local conditions is possible when assembling.

Corresponding tube connectors can optionally be supplied on request.