PFM 02

  • filter monitor for in-situ dust measurement
  • compact device
  • display showing the measured value in mg/m³ or in line diagram


The PFM 02 serves the permanent control of dust emissions.
It can be applied as a filter monitoring device as
well as configured as a dust measuring device.
If the average dust content in operating state is known,
target value calibration can be applied. The device determines
the appropriate calibrating factors automatically
and provides the quantitative dust content as output.

Pre Conditions on site

• ambient temperature: -20…+50 °C
• location free of percussion
• homogenous dust and stack gas distribution
• flow velocity of min. 3 m/s
• installation place with run-in/run-out zone of min.
5-fold/2-fold length of duct diameter
• power supply
• processing of measuring signals


• compact device → no separate operating device
• variable application possibilities through probe
rod modification
• rotatable probe head
• local diagnosis of system state by integrated
graphic display
• real-time display with diagram or in text mode
with display in % or mg/m³
• target value calibration possible
• no purge air blower required
• low operational costs
• easy mounting



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