ProMass Desktop

Laboratory QMS Gas Analyser

For laboratory applications across many fields of research, the ProMass analyser can be provided in a desktop format. With integrated vacuum system – turbo molecular drag pump and diaphragm roughing pump – ProMass can be operated straight away. A heated capillary of various materials (stainless steel, PEEK, PTFE, borosilicate) is provided included with temperature control of the capillary. Total pressure gauge, analogue and digital inputs, sample pressure and temperature controlled chamber bake-out are all built-in features to give complete sample control.


ProMass uses Protea’s proven RGA quadrupole mass spectrometer that is provided as standard with dual Faraday/SEM detector, closed ion source and 0-200amu range for the analytically focused applications of the ProMass desktop system.


ProMass uses Protea’s PAS software for data collection and gas analysis, giving full multi-variate data analysis of QMS data using algorithms such as CLS and PLS as well as simple peak height analysis.

Protea also offers our PAS-Scan software for our QMS and RGA analysers which gives quick access to standard QMS collection types such as histogram, trend and peak scan.

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