STA PT 1000

The STA PT 1000 is dedicated to analysis of organic materials in a relatively low temperature range up to 1000°C. The TG-DSC is a top loading Thermobalance, which offers a highly user-friendly design. Even at a sample weight of up to 10g the Tara is done electronically. The specially designed furnaces allow fast heating and cooling rates as well as a highly precise temperature control.

The system can be optionally equipped with a coupling device for EGA (Evolved Gas Analysis). The instrument is highly suitable for thermal composition, thermal stability and oxidation studies.


  • Top Loading sub microgram balance
  • Temperature range RT up to 1000°C (Sample Temp.)
  • Exchangeable measuring systems TG – DTA/DSC
  • An optional 42/84 position sample robot in combination with the optional automatic gas
  • control and automatic evacuating system enables long term unattended operation.

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