Ultrapure Water Purification

Ultrapure water is elemental to the success of your experiments.

But finding the right water system for your research goes deeper than water quality alone.
You need a smart choice that supports both your science and your budget — on day 1, and with every cartridge and filter change.
One that reflects 130 years of innovations, like feed water monitoring, hands-free dispensing and effortless cartridge change-outs. With a Thermo Scientific lab water system, the only thing you’ll have in your water is confidence.

Suitable for even the most demanding and sensitive applications, the family of Thermo Scientific GenPure water purification systems exceeds international standards ASTM D1193 Type 1, ISO 3696 Grade 1 and CLSI-CLRW, delivering ultrapure 18.2 MΩ cm water with consistent quality.


Ideal for your molecular biology,
microbiology and analytical
chemistry applications:

GenPure Pro water system smart
Molecular Biology and Microbiology
• Cell and tissue culture
• PCR, DNA sequencing
• Electrophoresis

Analytical Chemistry
• TOC Measurements, IC

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