Tiger-i 2000 CO2

Combat global warming at the source

The Tiger-i 2000 CO2 greenhouse gas analyzer is designed for versatile use. It can measure ambient levels of CO2 with high precision over a wide range of temperatures with excellent reliability, and they can monitor emissions of greenhouse gases from various sources such as landfills, gas and oil exploration sites, refineries, and agricultural facilities. The Tiger-i 2000 helps users to easily and accurately assess their greenhouse gas emissions and implement measures to reduce global warming.

Using Tiger Optics’ Tiger-i 2000 CO2 analyzer, you can measure ambient levels of carbon dioxide with parts-per-billion accuracy, drift-free stability and fast response. You’ll find our systems fast to install, exceptionally easy to use, extremely reliable, and effortless to maintain due to their built-in calibration verification. The robust design—free of moving parts—results in an analyzer that has a high mean time between failure (MTBF) and a very low cost of ownership (CoO).


A compact and user-friendly solution for monitoring ambient levels and emissions of carbon dioxide, the Tiger-i 2000 CO2 offers:

  • Accuracy traceable to the world’s major national reference labs
  • Specificity—no moisture or other interference
  • High precision at ambient or even higher levels
  • Freedom from the need for span calibrations
  • No periodic sensor replacement/maintenance
  • Wide dynamic range and no drift
  • Compact and rugged design


  • Greenhouse Gas Monitoring
  • Research & Development

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