Wash Bottle AWB

The Ankersmid wash bottle serves different purposes. First of all, the wash bottle can wash out sample gases. The second application is its role in maintaining a constant pressure upstream of the analyzer by establishing a constant differential pressure with respect to the atmosphere by using the second inlet.


The Ankersmid wash bottle features components from our universal filter range.

First example above: The gas passes a bubbler witch creates a very intensive washing effect in any liquid absorbent. No tools are required for easy filling or liquid replacement. The tightness between the glass body and the head is guaranteed by an O-ring.

Second example (middle of this page): A wash bottle filled with glass balls creates a huge surface for maximum contact of the gas and aerosols with it’s liquid. The condensed liquid can be separated or extracted at the outlet (bottom) when extra absorbent is needed, or injection by a peristaltic pump can be effectuated through the second inlet port.

The Ankersmid wash bottle is also available with an optional GL25-12 connector at the bottom of the glass body.

A special bracket is available to place these filters on the Ankersmid Modular System.

The wash bottle can be rotated about 180° in the holder for wall-mounting or Ankersmid Modular System.

This allows a flexible adaptation of in- and outlet to local conditions.

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