Ex-proof in situ zirconia oxygen analyzer for combustion control

The oxygen measurement enables the control of burner fuel/air ratios to ensure combustion efficiency and process safety. Fuji Electric O2 Analyser is adapted to be installed in hazardous areas and to withstand critical environments as:

  • Refinery process heaters
  • Petrochemical reactor furnaces
  • Industrial large scale boilers
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The in situ O2 Analyser includes the following parts:
  • 1 probe type ZFKX
  • 1 transmitter type ZKMX
  • 1 guide tube
  • 1 junction box + connection cable if Probe-Transmitter distance >2m

Features and benefits

  •  Field-replaceable Flame-arrester
  •  Compact & Light Design
  •  Fast response (4–7 seconds)
  •  Excellent accuracy and reliability
  •  Remote electronics and calibration
  •  ATEX/IECEx Zone1 IIB+H2 T3 Gb certified probe




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