atmosFIR CEM

atmosFIR CEM is a complete emissions monitoring system incorporating the atmosFIR 19” FTIR analyser. As completely hot and wet emissions measurement, atmosFIR CEM is ideal for complete measurement of multiple gases from applications such as incineration and power. A standard gas suite of NO, NO2, N2O, SO2, NH3, HCl, CH4, O2, CO2 and H2O is provided, but with the powerful FTIR analyser, further gases can be added easily in software.

At the heart of system is the high-resolution, robust and proven FTIR spectrometer offering high signal throughput, low-noise and long lifetime of components. atmosFIR has been developed to incorporate the latest improvements and advantages in technology, The atmosFIR FTIR analyser contains an in-built sampling system and is designed for ppm-level emissions monitoring. The analyser can be used as a portable or bench-top unit as well as part of the installed CEM system.


atmosFIR CEM is a complete multigas analyser system using FTIR technology:

  • Waste Incineration Emissions monitoring
  • Combustion emissions from oil and gas
  • Core FTIR module available for integration
  • Meets the requirements of EN 15267-3, QAL1 and EN14181

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