Methane only / Total Hydrocarbon THC monitoring system (Change-over switch)

The 19” Flame-Ionisation-Detector (FID) 1230NMHC measures with its built-in NMHC-Cutter the methane concentration (methane only) and after switching to THC in a wide range of applications like stack gas emissions monitoring, ambient air monitoring, thermal reactor and combustor emissions monitoring and also vehicle exhaust gases. The monitoring is continous with a high accuracy, sensitivity and stability.

Additional information

Gas Component

CxHy (TOC), CH4

Special Advantages

  • Modul assembly according to your application
  • Pump versionand total maintenance free injector version available
  • Filtermonitoring
  • Automatic Flameignition
  • Hydrogen cutoff


  • USB Interface
  • Temperature controlling/regulation module
  • Software in english language for analyseroperation and datalogging in MS-Excel format
  • Control module (temperature, pressure,…)

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