GMD 12

  • intelligent system for isokinetic dust and fine particles measurements in exhaust air ducts and stacks
  • acquisition of all necessary gas boundary parameters (humidity of the sample gas, velocity in exhaust gas channel, temperature, pressure)
  • pivotable graphic display for more convenient operations


The gravimetric measuring device GMD 12 has the
ability to measure all marginal parameters which are
necessary for dust measurement (e.g. humidity of
measuring gas, velocity in exhaust duct as well as
temperature and pressure) on its own.
The GMD 12 consists of:
• measuring unit
• pump
• sample probes (dust probe, humidity probe)
• special accessories (e.g. filters)


• semi-automatic measuring system
• easy and safe handling of the complete system
by separately portable cases
• easy, menu-driven operating
• selection of the appropriate sample nozzle is
assisted by the measuring unit
• storage of the current measuring values during
measurement for future analysis
• ergonomic sample probe with integrated aerosol
• data transfer via compact flash memory card or
RS232 interface

Preconditions on site

• ambient temperature: 0…50 °C
• location free of percussion
• dew-point spread: min. +5 K
• installation place with run-in/run-out zone of min.
5-fold/2-fold length of duct diameter
• accessibility to power supply
• socket with 3″ welding sleeve at the duct


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