High Pressure STA HP 1/2

The LINSEIS High Pressure STA ( High pressure Tg-DSC) delivers unsurpassed performance. The system can be used to determine simultaneous changes of mass (TG) and caloric reactions (HDSC) under defined atmosphere and high pressure (up to 50/150 bar) in the temperature range -170°C up to 1800°C.

This instrument is unique because it is the only available high pressure TG-DSC worldwide.

The unique characteristics of this product are high precision, high resolution and long term drift stability. The high pressure STA Platinum Series was developed to meet the challenging demands of the high temperature and high pressure applications.

Main Application of High Pressure Thermogravimetry-Differential Scanning Calorimetry:

  • Pyrolysis Studies
  • Gasification of Coal and Biomass
  • Testing of Getter Materials (O2, H2, etc.)
  • Metal reduction / oxidation studies

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