Natural Gas Sampling System 3000

For measuring mercury in natural gas the pressure of a high pressure sample feed has to be reduced to a suitable low pressure before measurement.

The new NG-SAMPLING SYSTEM-3000 follows a straight forward design.
It integrates a minimum of components. All gas wetted parts in the sample path have been silicon coated. This allows very fast conditioning and low memory effects.


Principle of operation

The high pressure sample passes a ball valve ( 1 ). A coated filter ( 2 ) removes particles from the sample.

After that the sample gas passes a heated capillary tubing. Heating compensates the Joule-Thomson Effect caused by pressure drop inside of the capillary. The heater temperature is displayed on the thermometer T1.

The Pressure regulator PR-01 keeps the pressure at outlet of the capillary constant. The pressure is shown on pressure gauge P1 and can be adjusted on PR-01. Excess gas is vented off through flow meter FL1.

With needle valve 3 the combined flow of sample gas to the analyzer and to the vent through flow meter FL2 can be adjusted. If the analyzer samples gas from this stream the flow through FL2 will decrease, but has always to be positive. In case of pressure breakthrough and a following increase of pressure at the low pressure side the safety valve V-03 will open and automatically release the pressure.

With ball valve at Sample IN the sampling system can be isolated from the gas source. The needle valve 3 allows to close the outlet sample flow.

NG Sampling System 3000 diagramm


The new NG-SAMPLING SYSTEM-3000 shows a considerable performance improvement compared to conventional models with integrated heated pressure regulator.

  • The NG SAMPLING SYSTEM 3000 signal rises from start of measurement within a single measuring cycle (= 3 min) to more than 90% of the final concentration, whereas conventional models need 10 cycles more.
  • The readings using the new NG SAMPLING SYSTEM 3000 are clearly more stable than the readings of conventional models.
  • The readings using the new NG SAMPLING SYSTEM 3000 are constant over a wide pressure range of the feed gas and pressure settings are kept much more stable.
  • In contrast to conventional models, the readings obtained with the new NG Sampling System 3000 are insensitive to parameters not set precisely.
  • The improved design of the NG SAMPLING SYSTEM 3000 allows easier maintenance in case of contamination with liquid hydrocarbons.

NG Sample System 3000 comparison to conventional models

Technische specificaties

Particle filter:  1 micron stainless steel T-filter

Maximum Sample inlet pressure:  approx. 200 bar

Pressure P1:  0,0 – 1,0 bar (0,28 bar / 4 psi typically)
Flow 1:  0 – 5 l/min
Flow 2:  0 – 5 l/min
Materials used:  Stainless Steel (partially coated), Viton, Ismaprene

Power supply:  230 VAC / 50 Hz, 110 VAC / 60 Hz (optional)

Power consumption:  175 VA
Dimensions:  45 x 23 x 36 cm (W x H x D)
Weight:  approx. 10 kg
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