Prismatic 2

With the Prismatic™ 2 laser-based, multi-species trace gas analyzer, Tiger Optics takes a quantum leap forward. With a combined electronics and sensor module that can simultaneously measures multiple analytes in a wide variety of background gases, the Prismatic™ 2 offers precise analysis over a vast dynamic range. You can select multiple species of interest from a sizable and growing detection list, including CH4, H2O, CO, CO2, NH3 and H2S.

The Prismatic™ 2 provides a critical tool for use in a variety of applications in both research and industrial settings where continuous, on-line gas monitoring is essential. The ability to measure from parts-per-million to parts-per-trillion of multiple analytes enables extensive research in gaseous applications at laboratories, from national metrology institutes to fuel-cell hydrogen QC labs.

Our proven CRDS technology offers absolute accuracy, with no external calibration required. Our customers worldwide prize our instruments for their precision, stability, exceptionally low Cost of Ownership, vast dynamic range, rapid speed of response and ease of use & installation, among other attributes. By providing an affordable, yet highly sensitive means to measure multiple trace species in gases, the Prismatic™ 2 offers a compelling choice for many gas analysis applications.

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  • Air Separation Units & Nitrogen Plants
  • Gas Quality Control
  • Gaseous CRMs & Calibration Gas Mixtures
  • Greenhouse Gas Monitoring
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industries
  • High-Purity Gases & Systems
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Research & Development

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