Ultratracer UT-3000

Measuring of Total Gaseous Mercury (TGM) in air and other gases at ultra trace levels

The UT-3000 Mercury Ultratracer provides a compact and reliable tool for measuring mercury in gases at ultra trace levels. Utilizing the high performance GoldTrap amalgamation module and an optimized state-of-the-art AA-mercury vapor detector the UT-3000 Ultratracer offers detection limits at sub-ng/m³ (ppq-parts per quadrillion) levels.


Additional information

Gas Component


Measuring principle

The sample gas is fed into an optical cell by a maintenance-free membrane pump. A beam of UV light passes through the optical cell, a part of it is absorbed by the mercury atoms present in the sample. This method is called “atomic absorption spectroscopy” or shortly AAS. It is extremely selective and sensitive. For mercury determination the AAS method has maintained its importance even if other methods have been worked out since the early beginnings. The AAS method is low in interference and does not require expensive carrier gases.

Automatic operation


The UT-3000 operates automatically. All functions are controlled by an embedded microprocessor. Once the analysis has been started, measurements are performed and data is collected by the built-in data logger. The data logger has a recording capacity of more than 5000 measurements.


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